Fajr Academy

Fajr Academy is Skylight’s flagship school. Founded in 2011, Fajr Academy has built a reputation as a rigorous school with an exceptionally small class size and innovative subjects and programs.

Fajr Academy was the birthplace of the Tarbiyah International Curriculum and serves as a center of excellence for the Tarbiyah approach.  As a result, Fajr Academy students benefit from the Tarbiyah International Curriculum’s latest insights and its most intensive programs and activities.

The school is managed by Skylight Education Solutions under the personal leadership of Skylight founder Ustadh Asim Ismail, who also serves as the Principal of Fajr Academy.

Visit the Fajr Academy web site for more details.

Fatiha Academy

Fatiha Academy is Skylight’s newest school.  The addition of Fatiha Academy to the Skylight family allows a wider circle of families to benefit from the Tarbiyah approach.

Visit the Fatiha Academy web site for more details.