The Tarbiyah International Curriculum is an Islamic curriculum for students on the O-Levels pathway.  We develop it on a continuous basis for use by Skylight schools in Pakistan as well as partner schools around the world.

Through the Tarbiyah International Curriculum, we have a vision to design and promote a holistic educational system inspired by Prophet Muhammad (on him be peace) and the earliest generations of Muslims.

Visit the Tarbiyah International Curriculum web site for details.


Tarbiyah International Workshops are designed by Skylight Education Solutions to train partner schools on the Tarbiyah International Curriculum, as well as to educate the wider public on the Tarbiyah approach to education, parenting and self-development.

Contact us if you need onsite training for your school, or if you want to be added to our mailing list for our next public workshop.


Skylight advises partner schools on a range of needs, from setting up a new school to integrating Islamic knowledge and values into their curriculum.

Partner schools subscribing to the Tarbiyah International Curriculum automatically engage Skylight’s consulting services as well in order to customize the curriculum to the school’s specific needs and to ensure effective implementation.

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School management

From time to time, Skylight is asked to run partner schools directly using Skylight’s own systems, curriculum, administration and staff.

Contact us to see if this is the right option for you.